4 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Filipino Virtual Assistant is one of the key players in the freelancing industry. Many Freelancing agencies hiring Filipinos have been emerging and is continue to grow even post-pandemic. So, what could be the reasons why many business owners hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant?


4 Reasons Business Owners Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

There are various reasons why many business owners are benefiting from Virtual Assistant services. Many businesses saw outsourcing as an excellent strategy. And considering the positive impacts outsourcing provides, Filipino VAs has been their choice.  Here are the top four reasons why business owners onboard a Filipino Virtual Assistant in their team.


1. Valuable Characteristics

Character assessment should be part of a VA hiring process. The candidate’s character and work ethics ultimately determine a VA’s contribution to a business’s success in the long run. Filipinos are hardworking and adaptable. Hence, no matter where you place them in the industry. They can cope while still contributing value to your company’s success. 

Additionally, when you hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant, you hire the friendliest member of your team. And since Filipinos are amicable, they are flexible in managing customer service. And, they can handle differences within the remote team.


2. High Level of English Proficiency 

Out of 100 countries, the Philippines ranked 27th in terms of high proficiency. Also, the Philippines is top 2 out of 24 countries in Asia. The American colonization in the country has influenced culture and education. And, though “Tagalog” is the primary language in the country, English has been learned and practiced at a very young age.

English has been part of the day-to-day living of the Filipinos. Thus, Filipinos are famous and hireable in the English as Second Language (ESL) Tutorial for non-native speakers.


3. High Literacy Rate 

The importance of having a high literacy means more productivity and efficiency at work. Besides, literacy enhances performance as well as the abilities of the employee.

Additionally, business leaders invest in literacy training for employees in the corporate world because they have seen how literacy improves work output and contributes to the companies success.

Filipinos are one of the best in terms of being well-literate. The country has a literacy rate of 91.6% in 2019.


4. Charge less

The average base salary of freelancers in the US is $21.67/hour. However, the Filipino average base salary is only $10/hour. The difference is quite extensive. However, you can hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant for as low as $3/hour. But this depends on the tasks your business needs.


Outsourcing Tips

Filipinos are genuine in terms of expertise and with valuable work ethics. And if you’re into Filipino Virtual Assistant hiring, consider looking into platforms that provide well-trained and well-equipped Filipino Virtual Assistant at a low cost.


How to Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

To hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant is simple and easy. First, visit Surge: https://surgedigital.agency/, and sign up here: https://surgedigital.agency/authentication/?step=1.

And if you need a team or help for collaboration, send an email to grace@surgedigital.agency.

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