Access All Courses for only P1999 per Month

Our Premium Package is a comprehensive package that will benefit your business in many ways. By paying a subscription as low as P1999 per month, you are developing skills from your employees and leveraging them in scaling and sustaining your business!

Social Media Courses, Business Management Courses, Marketing and Sales Courses, Finance and Accounting Courses, Creative and Advertising Courses, Literature Courses, Tech and Innovations Courses, and more!




Core Feature:

  • All Surge Marketplace Courses
  • 2 Bonus Courses (In AI-voice Instructions)


Additional Features:

  • Portfolio-Based
  • Online Certification
  • Self-Directed with
  • Coach Assistance
  • Online Learning Groups
  • Freelancing Community
  • Lifetime Support
  • Hiring Opportunities


You can use these online courses to develop a thriving business that is competitive and relevant to customers/clients.


Take advantage of this rare opportunity to equip your staff with essential knowledge and expertise from these 29 Competitive Premium Courses at a discounted price over just one or two courses.

Enables your Team to Have a Digital Expertise to Leverage your Business.

Grow an Online Business From Scratch

Gain Skills that Help the Business Grow and Sustain in this Digital Era.

Level up the Team's Strategic Efforts.

Be Competitive and Beat the Stiff Competition that your Business Faces.

Start from Scratch?

Looking for effective ways to boost online presence, reach potential customers, and grow your business? FVA-Surge Premium Packages are here to equip your team with relevant knowledge, skills, and expertise to achieve your business goals!

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