BIGKIS: The Philippines’ First Social Media Platform

The FVA is happy that we now have the first-ever social media platform. The so-called “Bigkis” is an all-in-one social media platform that you can use in your freelancing.

This is something to rejoice about because this is an output of Filipino talent. And it can be beneficial to freelancers as well.

What is Bigkis?

Bigkis has many capabilities. You can add events, post blogs, offer jobs, and it has a marketplace. Plus, you can do all these features in your account. Unlike other existing platforms, everything is limitations. There are special features where you can only use it using your page, not your personal account.

This social media platform is another must-have for every freelancer. since it is new, this could be a fresh avenue for you to add more connections.

You can upload texts, photos, videos, or even audio on the home page at the home page.

We want to highlight this one because Bigkis can be a place to have potential prospects right away. Thus, go ahead, create an account and promote your services there.

How Can This Help Freelancers and Business Owners?

1. Organic Promotion

In Bigkis, you can do organic promotion. You can promote your services using files, videos, photos, and blog postings. Other than your website, Bigkis has a blog section where you can post blogs. This new social media platform is essential to freelancers with its fantastic features.

2. Not Saturated Feed – Can market services and products to all connections

On other platforms, everything is saturated with a lot of promotions. That’s why organic promotion can’t be that effective. But, Bigkis is new so you can promote your business directly. And, when it comes to something with your brand, this can be a good start to being consistent and relevant in marketing your services.

3. It is an “All-In-One” Platform – Lots of amazing ways to market

With Bigkis’ powerful features, connecting with potential customers is highly possible. The market is not yet saturated; thus, the platform will help you grow as a freelancer or grow your business. Most importantly, you can use Bigkis to establish yourself to gain authority. And, you can connect with decision-makers for them to know you. Plus, you will post content and blogs to provide insights into your targets.

Have you all checked BIGKIS.COM, the Philippines’ social media platform? I just created an account earlier, and so far, it’s nice to have one platform for social media, blogs, events, chats, and e-commerce. To learn more freelancing guides and tips, visit the Surge Marketplace website.

Check out and LIKE our page: https://bigkis.com/FVABusinessConsultancy, and connect with me: https://bigkis.com/GraceLocsin.

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