How do you Build a Strong Remote Team Culture

Building a strong remote team culture is one of the most crucial and impactful things in your business. Culture in an office and remote setup is vital since it establishes a strong camaraderie that scales the business. Also, having a strong remote team culture builds a strong business.

What is a Remote Team ...

4 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Filipino Virtual Assistant is one of the key players in the freelancing industry. Many Freelancing agencies hiring Filipinos have been emerging and is continue to grow even post-pandemic. So, what could be the reasons why many business owners hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant?  

Filipino Virtual Assistant: 5 Traits and Work Ethics

Have you been wondering why many business owners consider One reason you might have in mind is that they charge less. Yet, there are other benefits that you don't know when you onboard a Filipino in your team.

When we say about benefits, these pertain to soft and hard skills that VAs have. In this article, we w...

Why Surge is the First One-stop Freelancing Marketplace

Looking for Virtual Assistants on a freelancing marketplace is one of the best ways. Thus, many sites are emerging today in the freelance market. Business owners prefer to hire VAs because VAs undergo a process before getting live on these platforms.  A few established freelancing sites are Upwork, Fivver, Hubstaff, and m...

How to Delegate Tasks with a Virtual Assistant

To delegate tasks with a Virtual Assistant is a strategic approach today.  This is because many business owners saw and experience the opportunities embracing VAs into the team. As a business owner, you can't accomplish all of the tasks, although you can do so. Thus, delegating tasks and...

How and When to Hire an Effective Social Media Manager

An effective social media manager plays a vital role in overseeing the development and use of content across all the company's social media platforms. And due to time constraints and budget limits, small and large businesses hire a social media manager. What is a social media manager, and how to get them on board?

How Much to Pay your Virtual Assistant

Before outsourcing, you'll need to determine how much to pay your virtual assistant. And since the decision you are about to make is innovative and strategic, you'll need to establish a budget for paying the virtual assistant to assist with business tasks.

Factors to Consider When Paying your Virtual Assista...