A Guide in Buying a Computer for your Freelancing

You just started your freelancing career, and you are wondering what you should buy and how much budget you need when it comes to buying a computer for your freelancing. Here’s a freelancing computer guide, where it will help you understand everything you need to know.

From identifying your skills to offer to clients to work from home essentials, you need to boost your productivity.


Should you buy a Laptop or Desktop?

You might have prepared to start your work-from-home career. But, do you know what equipment you need for your new career? Laptop or desktop, which do you think you need? Identifying what equipment you need is vital. This is because each freelancing categories and niches require different tasks. And in doing those tasks, you can either use a laptop or a desktop.

It is generally easier and cheaper to upgrade desktops. However, laptops are more convenient, although they are a bit more expensive. So, if you have a small budget, you can get a second-hand desktop. However, if you need convenience, you need to purchase a laptop. There are also available second-hand laptops you can buy that are also of excellent quality.

Just remember that second hands mean used. In addition, they have dents and imperfections. But, a second-hand computer or laptop can suffice.

Top Three Technical Specifications you Need to Check

Another essential factor to consider when buying a computer for your freelancing career is the technical specifications. The top three technical specifications of a computer that you need to check are:

  • RAM
  • Storage
  • CPU

(1) RAM or Random Access Memory

In determining the system’s performance, it is vital to identify the computer’s RAM you need. What is RAM anyway? Random Access Memory or RAM gives applications a place to store and access data on a short-term basis. In addition, it keeps the information your computer is actively using so that you can access it quickly.

Computers use RAM for everyday tasks, such as loading software, browsing the web, editing spreadsheets, and playing games. In addition to switching quickly between these tasks, your memory will also allow you to remember where you are in a particular task when you switch to another. On top of that, the more memory you have, the better.

It will be helpful to buy with bigger RAM. Yet, this also means you need a bigger budget for your computer. On the other hand, if you don’t have a big budget, for beginners, especially with tasks like admin, you can buy a computer with at least 8GB of RAM. But, if you’re doing video editing or anything similarly heavy, it will be better at least 16GB of RAM.

(2) Storage

Another important to consider when buying a computer for your freelancing is to take note of the storage. This is because storage is a component of your computer that enables you to store and access data long-term.

In general, storage takes the form of a solid-state drive or a hard drive. It stores your applications, operating system, and files indefinitely. As computers need to write and read information from the storage system, the storage speed determines how quickly your system can load and access your saved data.

When buying your computer, always eye on the storage to be SSD. However, if you’re buying a cheaper (or older) computer, you’re getting a computer with an HDD. If so, you don’t need to worry. You can immediately upgrade to an SSD. It’s a cheap upgrade and will significantly increase the speed of your freelancing work.

(3) CPU

A computer’s CPU is its central component. The chip sits in a special socket on the device’s main circuit board called motherboard or mainboard. A separate memory is used for temporarily storing information. In addition, it is separate from the graphics card, which renders 3D graphics on your screen.

It is better to focus on either Intel’s i-series (i3, i5, i7, i9) or AMD’s Ryzen series. For VAs, two cores will suffice. For video editing, you’d need a system with at least four cores.

Now that you have learned the three vital technical specifications, do you know the exact computer you need?

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