SEO Tips: Conducting an SEO Audit On Your Website

What is an SEO Audit

Now, is essential to every business's success. Business owners are thriving against the competitors to have a better ranking than them. That is why you need to develop an innovative and effective SEO strategy plan to reach your goals. And one main goal is to increase conversion traffic...

Facebook Ad Tips for Brands and Business Owners

A Facebook Ad is getting more influential when it comes to upscaling your business during this pandemic time. With digital marketing opportunities, Facebook Ad is one of the effective techniques that many freelancers and businesses are using. One of the main reasons is because it maximizes the way of coping up with marketi...

BIGKIS: The Philippines’ First Social Media Platform

The FVA is happy that we are now having the first-ever social media platform. It is so-called "Bigkis" an all-in-one social media platform that you can use in your freelancing.

This is something to rejoice about because this is an output of Filipino talent. And, it can be very useful to freelancers as well.


How to Get Leads Using Facebook Groups

One of the effective ways to grow your freelancing business is to create a Face Group. A Facebook Group is a community wherein you invite people or let say "targets" to network with them. So,  you can get leads out from that group. To get leads using Facebook groups, certain strategies need to adapt and practice.

Facts About Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has been famous today. Right now, every business is venturing to this type of business strategy.  It is an innovative strategy for leveraging online opportunities to reach potential customers. Some of the digital channels a...