Business Branding Tips for 2021

Business Branding is one of the essential factors for positioning your business well in the market. It is where every freelancer, marketer, or business owner audit and strategize to receive great ROI. It has been challenging to meet competition in creating brand awareness last year because of the pandemic. To empowe...

Tips On How To Reactivate Your UpWork Profile

Getting your is not that easy. Thus, you will thrive not to allow the platform to set your account in private. But, what will happen if it's too late? What do you need to do to re-activate your Upwork profile that has been set to private?

Upwork will work for you. This means that if you have many clients, Upwor...

Skype Optimization And Features

Skype is one of the most important tools that every freelancer must-have. Most of the time, skype is the first intro to your potential client. It is where interviews happen all the time, and it is where clients hire or reject you.

In every experience that you have with your skype account, there are hacks and tip...

BIGKIS: The Philippines’ First Social Media Platform

The FVA is happy that we are now having the first-ever social media platform. It is so-called "Bigkis" an all-in-one social media platform that you can use in your freelancing.

This is something to rejoice about because this is an output of Filipino talent. And, it can be very useful to freelancers as well.


How to Get Leads Using Facebook Groups

One of the effective ways to grow your freelancing business is to create a Face Group. A Facebook Group is a community wherein you invite people or let say "targets" to network with them. So,  you can get leads out from that group. To get leads using Facebook groups, certain strategies need to adapt and practice.

How to Spot an Online Freelancing Scammer

Freelancing is a booming industry. That is why a lot of scammers are dwelling in and looking for their targets. Scammers do it for money, others do it for personal information. Whatever the reason is, to spot an online freelancing scammer, you need to learn the tips to prevent yourself from getting scammed.