Canva: How to Create a Website for Free

An online portfolio is valuable for every application that you make. Before making your applications, you need to create a website form portfolio to show to your clients. How to create an online portfolio?

Having an online portfolio does not mean you need to create a website with WordPress or Wix. This is because there are sites like canva that enable you to make a website for free.

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to edit photos without extensive photo editing knowledge or experience. In addition, it is very user-friendly for beginners because it provides different editing tools for creating your online portfolio and publishing it as a website.

In addition, it offers some free website templates, and some others are available if you have a PRO account. However, you can start with a free Canva account by creating a website from scratch or customizing free templates.

Tips to Create Website in Canva

Creating a website in Canva is fast and easy. You don’t need excellent graphic design or website design skills to create an awesome online portfolio. Here are tips for making your website using Canva.

1. Create a free account in Canva

You’ll visit Canva’s website and sign up using your email, Google account, or Facebook account. After verifying your account, you can begin designing. But before doing it, be sure you are ready with the details, links, images, and anything you need for your online portfolio or website.

2. Create your website

There are 2 ways to create a website in Canva. The first is to create a website from scratch. The other one is by using a template. On the Canva homepage, you can see a lot of templates to be used. Go to the search bar and type website. Then, it will display three options, Website, a Bio link website, and a mobile-first website.

  • Website: it is used for desktops or laptops, which means it looks great when viewed on desktops and laptops.
  • Bio link website: its templates are helpful if you need a landing page for people to visit some websites and pages.
  • Mobile-first website: looks excellent in viewing on mobile phones.

3. Steps to Create a website using templates

First, choose the template you want for the theme of your website. Edit the Textbox for the title and information you want to create. Changing font size, color, or style is also possible. To customize the said format of your website, go to the top menu. There are many options, like different font styles, sizes, color, alignment, list or bulleting, spacing, effects, and animation effects.

Effects are used if you want to add shadow, background, text shape, and others. Animations are used to add transitions or animation upon appearing of text on the website. Go to the left-hand menu to upload the photos you wish to post on your website. Choose uploads, and then click the button media. Select the location of the images from your computer, and it will automatically upload to Canva. Click the uploaded photo, and it will appear.

Add buttons to navigate through pages or as a menu of your website. On the elements, choose a button, add text for the caption, and add a navigational link to the buttons. To do this, click on the buttons on the top menu, choose the three-dotted menu then click the link option. Choose the link or the page you want to navigate through that button.

You can also add an audio file. Go to the left menu, choose audio, then search for audio you want to put on your website.

You can add videos, charts, folders, and apps you want to create. Go to the left menu, choose the three-dotted menu then search for the apps you want to include. You can also see the video, charts, and folder you want to have on your website in these options.

In addition, you can add a page to your website. Just click Add page on the button below, and it will automatically add another page to your website. You can repeat the following steps above if you want to add videos, music, text, and images.

After creating all the images, information, graphics, videos, and links on the website, you can publish your website by clicking the share button on the upper left menu. Choose a website and select your web style. Click Open website, and you can view your website automatically. And if you want to share your website with others, copy the link above, and you can share it with anybody.

4. Publish your design as a website

Once you click publish, Canva will display your website link. It will look like canva.com/design/…, followed by numbers and letters. You should use Bitly.com to convert your Canva website link into a short, easy-to-remember link that you can share. Then your site link will look like this: bit.ly/vawebsite.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a domain name and forward your website to your domain. Then, update your website in Canva.

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