Essentials you Need to Know to Create a VA Job Description

You might need help in your business, and you are planning to hire a Virtual Assistant. And the first step you need to do is to create a VA job description. However, how about if you don’t know how to create one?

A well-designed job description for a Virtual Assistant enables a hiring process efficient and effective. This is because learning how to develop an excellent one will ultimately help you grasp the best candidate for the position. Similarly, you will provide the Virtual Assistant an avenue to grow and prosper at the same time.

What and How to Create a VA Job Description 

A job description is a well-designed document that presents specific information and clear guidelines for the Virtual Assistant’s productivity and efficiency. To create a clear VA job description means to provide the VA a precise picture of the need and expectations of your business. Additionally, it summarizes the responsibilities that the VA must deliver, as well as deadlines and salary.

Essential Components Needed to Create a VA Job Description

Here are essential things that every job description must include:

Tips to Create an Effective VA Job Description

1. The right title

In embracing a VA to your business, it is imperative to know what you need. By knowing it, you’ll realize the expertise that you want to onboard in your business.

Identifying the job title is crucial since candidates are eyeing on job title before looking down at the job description. And using the wrong title will not attract the fittest VA candidates to apply for the job.

2. Employment type

Usually, there are two employment types you can provide to a Virtual Assistant. And for you to identify which employment type, it is essential to determine if your project is big or not. This is because of knowing how small or big your business needs are. You will decide whether you need a full-time or a part-time Virtual Assistant.

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3. Overview or summary

In this area, you must provide a clear overview of everything. You can make bullet points in these to present the data clearly. The summary must include:

  • Overview of the expectations
  • Immediate and long-term business objectives
  • Define what constitutes exceptional performance

Again, the ultimate secret for the VA candidate to understand is to present the overview of the summary specifically.

4. Responsibilities

In the overview or summary section, you have mentioned the specific responsibilities of the VA. Here, you are going to narrow down the duties and present the responsibilities, specifically. By doing so, you are helping the candidate envision themselves being part of your team, helping your business. On top of that, provide the specific time you need the VA. And if possible, you can also include how each of the responsibilities is being done.

The responsibilities must include:

  • Qualifications
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Training
  • language fluency
  • Aptitude or relevant experience

5. Company culture

It is essential to acquaint the candidate with your company culture to get VAs who relate to your business. Also, presenting your business’ culture excites VAs that have the same values as your business. Alternatively, suppose you do not include your business culture in the job description. In that case, chances are, you’ll end up hiring not the right one. Why? Not all people have the same values that they believe in.

Above all, when you promote the company’s strengths, mission and paint a picture of the corporate culture, the suitable VA will genuinely like to help your business. 

6. Your contact preferences

Your profile needs to be as specific as possible to attract qualified applicants. For example, you might discourage people with great potential if you set only nice-to-haves requirements and not absolute essentials.

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