How to Create your Freelancing Goals

Have you set up your goals this year? If not yet, chill out. We are still in the first quarter of the year, so you are still right on time to plan your 2022 goals.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” 

This distinguished quote of Benjamin Franklin applies to anyone. May it be for planning your personal, business, or freelancing goals. When you create a plan, you set up a blueprint of what, how, and when to meet your goals. You might not achieve your goals last year, but you don’t need to get disturbed. There is no such as a perfect plan. Measuring and tracking your progress allows you to re-adjust if goals are unmet. How can you plan your goals for 2022? What areas do you need to be eyeing in terms of planning?


Seven Ways to Create your Goals for 2022


1. Make it measurable

Providing too bold and not specific goals is like planning for nothing. If you want to achieve something, you must be clear about your goals and set a timetable for each goal you have. Also, you must include concrete steps in reaching your goals. If you have a plan, you have something to abide by. An example of having a not measurable goal is planning to be rich. Instead of planning to be rich, state your goal as investing in something. For instance, starting an agency, online store, or anything that can be measured and tracked by your timetable. You can have an individual goal for a week, a month, a quarter, or plans for the whole year. And then, below each goal, write the practical steps that will bring you success. 


2. Set a time limit for each goal

Each goal should consist of a time limit. Otherwise, you’ll end up not achieving any of your dreams. By having a deadline, you can measure the results of your operative actions. Add in a specific time and do your best to stick to your plan. And then monitor your progress. And if you did not meet your goals within its deadline, you’ll check on your process, do a re-adjustment and then do better. 


3. It should be your own goal

In creating your plan, you must own your goals. There are times when you plan goals that you thought of for yourself, but you are only copying others. It is vital to set the goals that matter to you because they will bring satisfaction to you. Always consider the essential things in your life to personalize your plans. As an effect, you will own it because it brings value. Later on, when you experience struggles, it empowers and motivates you to fight; you feel your purpose in fighting the battles. 


4. It needs to be internalized

You desire to succeed in life, yet a desire without action is only a bucket list. It means that maybe it happens, perhaps it will never happen. And you don’t want that because you are going for results. How to do it? It would be best if you put your plans into writing. Depending on your style, you can use a journal, a whiteboard, or whatever you like. When writing your dreams, you motivate and involve yourself in working hard to fulfill your goals. Developing a habit is essential because there is no overnight in reaching your aspirations. If you are not putting it into writing, you will not feel to take any action toward your goals. 

Areas of Life to Create Goals

  • Spiritual Goals
  • Fitness Goals
  • Family Goals
  • Freelancing/Business Goals
  • Social Goals
  • Financial Goals


5. Be Detailed

It will help if you list down all the things you want to achieve. Also, you must include the concrete steps and then the deadline. Why do you need these specific details? These are pivotal to your plans’ success because they allow you to view what you want to achieve, how, and when.


6. Set Accountability Measures

You must put measurements in place to hold yourself accountable. If you don’t have accountability, it gives you the freedom to go against your goals. The number one enemy in achieving your goals is yourself. So, set accountability measures; otherwise, you will be unproductive and not reach what you want. An example of this is a habit tracker. May it be a notebook, online calendar, or planner, or joining online programs that will help you track and measure how you are with your goals.


7. Evaluate and Adjust

Measuring your progress is significant since you can not improve what you can not measure. There are times when you can not achieve a goal at a specific time. There are many hindrances, and it is normal. You can not do anything about it. What will matter is how you will adjust your ways to reach your goals the second time effectively.


Tips to Create your Freelancing Goals


Without setting goals, you can not define the life you want to live in. And if things are not going the way you planned,  evaluate, re-check, and start over again. 

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