Filipino Virtual Assistant: 5 Traits and Work Ethics

Have you wondered why many business owners consider outsourcing with a Filipino Virtual Assistant? One reason you might have in mind is that they charge less. Yet, there are other benefits that you don’t know when you onboard a Filipino in your team.

When we say about benefits, these pertain to soft and hard skills that VAs have. This article will introduce the traits and work ethics that each VA possesses. These five excellent traits make the Filipino VAs the best among the others. What are these traits?

Traits that Make a Filipino Virtual Assistant The Best in the Industry

Right now, a lot of VA companies are emerging. As a result,  Filipinos are in high demand for providing Virtual Assistant services. In addition, business owners believe that Filipino Virtual Assistant qualities and work ethics have contributed to their success. These are:

  • Calm and Enthusiastic
  • Cheerful and Hardworking
  • Sincere and Respectful
  • Good Listeners and diligent
  • Have Common Sense

Tips to Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant


Calm and Enthusiastic

Filipino VAs are taught at home and school to demonstrate calmness under pressure. Therefore, they know how to control their temper. Additionally, they have a great deal of enthusiasm for anything that can assist them in completing their task. Because of this, they are dedicated and passionate about their work. Above all, they remain focused on their goals.

Cheerful and Hardworking

Filipinos are among the happiest people in the world. They are always able to see the positive in every situation. Due to Filipino Virtual Assistant’s optimism and confidence, you do not have to worry about dealing with difficult personalities on your team.

Additionally, Filipinos are also known for being hardworking. When completing tasks, they strive for excellence and don’t settle for less.

Sincere and Respectful

Filipinos are highly valuing relationships. Be it personal or professional. A Filipino VA possesses innate loyalty and sincerity, which remote business owners can use to their advantage.

Also, Filipinos are famous for being respectful. Being respectful is part of the Filipino culture. Starting from home up to school, everyone is taught to respect everyone.

Good Listeners and diligent

A Filipino Virtual Assistant is capable of listening well. This is an essential trait for productivity since it reduces misunderstandings. Furthermore, they work diligently and accurately to complete every task entrusted to them.

Have Common Sense

Filipino VAs are smart and know a little of everything they need to know to do any job well. As such, you can expect them to meet your expectations.

How to Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Considering the contributions of a Virtual Assistant to every company’s success, embracing a VA is a great option. However, with various freelancing platforms and existing VA companies, you might be wondering where is the perfect place to find a Filipino Virtual Assistant. 

Surge Digital Agency is a freelancing platform where all VAs are trained and equipped with expertise. With in-house training and lifetime support with Surge to its VAs, grasping one of the Filipino Virtual Assistants will transform and revolutionize your business.

How to hire via Surge? It’s simple and easy. Visit this link: https://surgedigital.agency/, and sign up. To learn more, check this blog here: https://surgedigital.agency/hire-a-virtual-assistant/.

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