PRESS RELEASE I Filipino Virtual Assistants Facebook Group Now Global Virtual Assistants

Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, 8000 Davao City, Philippines, November 18, 2021

Filipino Virtual Assistants is FVA Business Consultancy (now Surge Marketplace) online community where freelancers and business owners meet. Also, it is an avenue where newbie and seasoned freelancers help one another to have a thriving freelancing career. As per the Press Release about FVA rebranding, they have aligned everything. And this includes updating their online community or Facebook Group.

Surge Marketplace grows and aims for global competitiveness. As part of this, Surge changed the name of their Facebook group, Filipino Virtual Assistants, to Global Virtual Assistants. From the word “global,” it’s not only a community for Filipinos alone but a community for both freelancers and business owners globally.

Global Virtual Assistants is now a Facebook group exclusive to virtual assistants, independent contractors, remote workers, freelancers, and international companies. This group aims to provide freelancing updates, growth hacks, and hiring alerts.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/FILIPINOVIRTUALASSISTANCE to explore the Facebook Group.

About Global Virtual Assistants:

We are now “Global Virtual Assistants” as part of our initiatives and actions to professionalize freelancing and globalize the competitiveness of Filipino freelancers. We will be having more of other nationalities come in here for membership and opportunities. This is our chance to GROW and become global.

Surge is dedicated to both freelancers and business owners SUCCESS. Plus, the Facebook community is all for FREE!

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