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Solutions made simple

There is always a better way of doing things…

I understand that as a business, no matter how challenging those circumstances may be, it needs to keep going. The mission needs to be consistent to achieve desired goal.

I am Camille Ramos and it is my pleasure to help you with your business. To start with, I have experienced to be an Industrial Engineer in a Food Manufacturing company. This experience helped me grow and improve my analysis and critical thinking skills because the job requires me to think ahead of the circumstances because every production works like a domino effect. This is where I manage to become more attentive to every detail and specification and act ahead with the situation.

Besides being able to work as an Industrial Engineer, in line with the virtual world, I have worked as an apprentice in Filipino Virtual Assistance focusing on tasks with regards to customer relations management handling their social media account. Because of this experience, I believe that I have all the skills that I need when it comes to customer service relations. I value the task and understand how to troubleshoot problems and how to handle customers with utmost respect and professionalism. I also have a virtual assistant experience as a brand assistant for a fitness influencer and entrepreneur, handling the overall task with marketing, social media management, and content creations.
I must say that with the experience and the skills that I have, I am a versatile freelancer that can serve your business and directly provide solutions to your needs.

Please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to aiming success with you!


Brand Assistant

  •  Sweat It Off
  •  Aug 2020 - Present

Handling social media creative content, social media management, email marketing, and other administrative works.

Plant Industrial Engineer

  •  RFM Corporation
  •  Sep 2019 - Jul 2020

-Validation and monitoring of per line performances through the use of Key Performance Indicators for Milk and Juice and Spaghetti Sauce Line Department
-Budget analysis of per department’s FME monthly budget and ensures that the company’s expenses do not exceed its approved budget
-Performs several IE tools such as time and motion study to find the root cause of a particular line problem and report to my superior for possible recommendations.

Filipino Virtual Assistance Apprentince

  •  Filipino Virtual Assistance
  •  Aug 2020 - Present

Focused on handling customer service relations tasks with regards to answering queries, solving technical problems, and replies to comments.

Education and Trainings

Filipino Virtual Assistance-Freelancing Course

  •  Filipino Virtual Assistance Consultancy
  •  Jul 2020 - Apr 2020

Training course to become a Virtual Assistant focused on handling different tasks such as administrative works, search engine optimization, customer technical support, social media management, and marketing, lead generation, transcription tasks, data entry and research, website creations, and youtube optimization.

Amazon Dropshipping and Private Labeling Virtual Assistance

  •  Filipino Virtual Assistance
  •  Sep 2020 - Present

Focused on handlings different tasks with Amazon such as product research, product listing, online arbitrage, wholesaling, private labeling, pricing, selling, customer services, and merch by Amazon.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

  •  Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
  •  Jun 2014 - Jul 2019