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General Virtual Assistant | Data Entry | Social Media Management & Marketing

Do you want to focus on growing your business? I can help you and meet your business goals.

I work to help clients with their business needs, provide high-quality output, and offer the best service as General Virtual Assistant, Data Entry Specialist, and Social Media Management & Marketing.

My 8 years of experience working in the Oil & Gas Construction Industry on various projects gained more valuable experience as a Document Controller with Administrative Assistant tasks. I perform my task with professionalism and the ability to work efficiently and accurately with high-quality output and services as a result my previous employer felt satisfied and happy with my work.

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Document Controller

  •  Currie & Brown (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  •  Jul 2016 - Feb 2018

Abu Dhabi Office
Document Controller
May 2017 – February 2018
- Filling and updating logs for incoming and outgoing documents, drawings, records, and reports.
- Distribute and Update all deliverables to relevant parties promptly.
- Monitoring and checking incoming correspondence using Aconex and SharePoint for related projects.
- Review and Examine project documents such as Design drawings and specifications correct revision, items, drawing description/title, and quality provided by consultants/contractors.
- Working on developing Currie & Brown Operation ME Project Site by using Sharepoint to be used, store, and manage various project-related documentation.
- Establish and maintain master copy storage and database for project documentation
- Assist managers in preparation for Tender Documentation, Tender Submissions, checking Tender Comparison and Arithmetical Error for Tenderers’ Tender Reports from various projects.
- Screen phone calls, inquiries, and requests and handling in an appropriate manner.
- Provide administrative and secretarial support to the managers such as collate relevant documentation in various projects, Manage Meeting Calendars, Arrange Appointments, Hotel, and Flight Bookings, Arrangement for Transportations and Receive/Screen incoming calls & emails.
- Arrange appointments and meetings with the managers as requested
- Scanning / Copying / Filing relevant documents

TAMKEEN Confidential Project, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Document Controller
July 2016 – May 2017
Working in collaboration with the technical team in the development of departmental technical and specification guidelines to produce an associated cost database.
- Prepares and Update WTP CEO Weekly Report and Weekly Consolidation Report
- Review worker’s information received from Contractor, Camp Visit, Whatsapp, and Emails and check information based in Aurora Record.
- Check worker’s eligibility with the program as per worker’s information received from Contractor and workers.
- Update Workers Master Summary of each Company as per worker’s information received.
- Update and Track Data Report Analysis of Salary Information Received for Summary of Information Received
- Prepares Payment Summary for Eligible Workers Processed Payment
- Prepares Weekly Summary for Information received from CAMP Visits, Emails, and Whatsapp.
- Prepares Consolidation of Payment Summary and samples for Audits.
- Check/Review Outstanding worker’s information of each Contractor.
- Draft Outgoing Emails for the outstanding worker’s information of each Contractor.
- Answer and Check Workers Queries via Calls, Text message, WhatsApp, and Emails
- Ensures proper documents filing, sorting, and archiving hard copies, and softcopies

Document Controller

  •  Daewoo Engineering & Construction (UAE)
  •  Oct 2011 - May 2016

TAKREER (ADNOC), Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Document Controller (Precommissioning and Commissioning)
November 2013 – May 2016
Carried out of EPC works for Pipelines and Storage Tanks (76 units) for the refining capacity of 830,000 barrels.

TAKREER (ADNOC), Inter Refinery Pipeline Project II – EPC Project, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Document Controller (Mechanical)
October 2011 – October 2013
Carried out of EPC works for Pipeline and Storage Tanks.

- Monitor and Control project document management system, numbering, and registers.
- Updates incoming and outgoing correspondences (drawings and documents) in Project
- Document Control System (PDCS) and distribute to concerned parties.
- Mailing incoming and outgoing documents to concern discipline for necessary actions.
- Ensures proper document filing, sorting, and archiving of all hardcopy, and electronic documents.
- Responds as requested retrieve and search information and support the end-users.
- Prepares agendum, schedule and email to attendees for weekly commissioning and progress meeting
- Prepare minutes of meeting weekly pre-commissioning, commissioning, and progress meeting
- Monitor and update all incoming and outgoing interface query and site observation and distribute to the concerned department for necessary actions.
- Preparation for pre-commissioning test package for air blowing, water flushing, manual cleaning, reinstatement, leak test, and steam blowing
- Monitoring and updating pre-commissioning and commissioning documents in accordance with the commissioning management system (CMS)
- Coordination with other EPCs for interface query, hydrocarbon movement daily monitoring, and advance notification for interconnection activities such as; for nitrogen purging, air blowing, water flushing, reinstatement, leak test, and steam blowing status and in accordance with commissioning management system (CMS)
- Update and prepare daily, weekly and monthly pre-commissioning and commissioning report
- Preparing and monitoring pre-commissioning / commissioning safety signage and LOTO
- Provide documentation and administrative assistance to the managers, engineers, supervisors, operators, and workers
- Responsible for bookings and reservation for manager’s activities, hotel, transportation, and restaurant
- Maintaining office supplies and welfare within the department

Document Controller cum Administrative Assistant

  •  Daewoo Engineering & Construction
  •  Feb 2010 - Dec 2011

Nakilat Ship Repair Yard Project – EPC Project, Ras Laffan Industrial City, Al Khor, Qatar
Document Controller (Mechanical)
February 2010 – October 2011
Carried out EPC to build a shipyard for the repair and maintenance for large ships including large carriers, 2 dry docks, 2 quays, 3 piers, and other facilities.

- Controlling and filing of incoming and outgoing documents such as; vendor print drawings/specifications, datasheet, calculations, procedures, method statement, letters, and other related documents and distribute them to the concerned manager.
- Preparing and updating vendor’s print log and status.
- Receiving and checking daily emails and correspondences from vendors and subcontractors.
- Responsible for the preparation of final vendor print dossier documents and drawings.
- Preparing/updating daily accomplishment reports from sub-contractors.
- Preparing/updating daily manpower reports from sub-contractors and local manpower supply.
- Provide secretarial and administrative assistance to the Managers, Engineers, Vendors, Supervisors, and Workers such documentation, meeting arrangement, vacation application, travel itinerary, hotel accommodation, transportation, requisition for refinery gate pass, meals, timesheet, and staff final settlement
- Scanning/ filling of relevant documents
- Maintaining office supplies within the department.

Document Controller cum Administrative Assistant

  •  Daewoo Engineering & Construction
  •  Jun 2009 - Feb 2010

Qatar Chemical II Project – EPC Project, Mesaieed Industrial City, Qatar
Document Controller (DCC)
June 2009 – February 2010
Carried out of EPC for a polyethylene plant and a normal olefins (NAO) plant with an annual capacity of 350,000 tons each.

- Implement and controls all documents using the Company developed project documentation control support services; EDMS and PMIS
- Updating project document files both Hard Copy and E-copy; Correspondences, document transmittals, project specifications, datasheets, calculations, documentation procedures, drawing files, and Vendor’s documents as per latest revisions.
- Receiving/Filing of incoming drawings; structural, mechanical, and piping from Engineering
- Checking Incoming documents from Company and Subcontractors.
- Review documents and verify the accuracy of data prior to input in the system.
- Responsible for checking and issuance of latest IFC drawings.
- Update project pending document lists for both Contractor and Company.
- Transmit documents both in hard and soft copies in accordance with the system matrix.
- Checking and Filling of Manufacturing Data Report (MDR) and Certification Dossier.
- Maintain updated transmittal status at all times for easy identification and quick access.
- Assist other departments with their queries regarding documentations.
- Maintain updated transmittal status at all times for easy identification and quick access.

Education and Trainings

BSBA - Business Economics

  •  Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology
  •  Jun 2003 - Apr 2008