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Real Estate VA/SMM/Lead Generation Specialist

Last May 2020 I have finished my Freelancing Course training under Coach Julmar Grace Locsin which helped me in doing my first steps in pursuing this new career of being a Virtual Assistant. I also took Graphics Design Course to learn about basic Photoshop skills and the English for Freelancers Course which has been very helpful to me.

I started my first job in August last year as a part-time Lead Generation Specialist wherein I reach out to the qualified lead on Linkedin for my client’s M&A business. I also reach out to leads on Facebook for his Digital Agency business. I still work for him up to the present and we have built a good relationship with each other as client and VA.

After a month, I was hired as a Real Estate VA by another client which opened to more opportunities for learning. I now have knowledge about the Software called Simpro, Xero, and Arthur which we use in his businesses. I reconcile rent payments and update them in our tracker, assist tenant applicants, oversee my two colleagues (2 VA) who were hired because my client’s businesses have expanded. I also work closely with 3 Managers and my client who is the Managing Director. My client would always commend me for doing a good job according to him, which gave way for me to have an unexpected increase in my pay after 6 months.

I am enjoying my work for my two clients and I will continue to deliver satisfactory results and give more value to my clients’ businesses.