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"With the right VA, you're on your way!"

Everyone has a dream. And we must take that one giant leap and leave our comfort zone in order to achieve that dream. We must be risk-takers. Opportunity grabbers. Dream chasers.

For me, that ‘giant leap’ was deciding I have to change careers. It was not an easy decision. But I eventually took that leap. I worked in several call centre companies that focus on great customer service and sales before I change my career as a freelancer. I’ve learned a great deal with my previous work experiences and though I believed I can apply those skills and expertise in helping you and your business, I knew that will not be enough

I decided to enrol under Filipino Virtual Assistants Consultancy and focused on getting my Gold Certificate for the Freelancing Course which I did! It opened my eyes and widen my knowledge of how freelancing actually works. Then came one of the hardest part – getting hired. With so many competitors, I didn’t know how I would fair. But it only took one person to believe in my skills.

My most recent achievement is with a Social Media Agency for professionals. I got hired as a Virtual Assistant/Social media Uploader. I check and upload scheduled posts for the assigned clients to me. Aside from that, I also handle the Asana monitoring wherein I check-in daily to make sure all scheduled posts for all uploaders are good to go, namely, the caption, the content, the hashtags and the graphic contents as well as links.
Not only that, but I also do administrative tasks such as web researching (which I love the most), filing and organizing, and basic excel tasks such as cross-referencing lists and many more.

More importantly, I handle my own social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), I create my own contents using Canva and schedule my posts using Hootsuite. I also manage my own website (which I created from scratch) and update it with my blogs.

I am exceptional when it comes to keeping things organized and structured. I am efficient at following procedures and be autonomous at the same time.
I am flexible and can multitask without losing focus on what’s important and what should be the priority.
I am dependable and trustworthy. I strongly believe that in working remotely, mutual trust is a MUST. Not only it should be taken, but it also should be given.

Aside from all the skills and knowledge I have gained from my previous jobs and training, I am very much willing to learn more if given a chance. I am adaptable and a fast learner.
Chasing and making our dreams happen is not easy. But all we have to do is stay determined, keep the fire burning inside us. For now, I may still be a long way into accomplishing my dream, but hey, I’ve taken the first step, that giant leap, the rest will follow.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I would love to know I made you interested and engaged.
To the ones reading this and reached until here, I hope you have a great day. Please make good decisions and spread compassion, everybody needs that.



Administrative Assistant | Social Media Management

  •  Unleashing Influence Inc.
  •  Nov 2020 - Present

- Manually upload posts to clients' social media account i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
- Content Planning
- Web Research
- Asana monitoring
- Basic photo editing
- Other administrative tasks

Social Media Manager

  •  L.B. Makeovrr
  •  Dec 2020 - Present

- Facebook and Instagram Optimization
- Content Planning
- Content Creation
- Image/Graphic Creation (Canva)
- Scheduling and Uploading Posts
- Community Management
- Facebook Ads
- Organic Campaigns

Facebook/LinkedIn Management

  •  CREW
  •  Jan 2021 - Present

- Facebook and LinkedIn Optimization
- Content Planning
- Content Creation
- Image/Graphic Creation (Canva)
- Scheduling and Uploading Posts
- LinkedIn Messaging
- Lead Generation

Social Media Management

  •  Ahavox
  •  Mar 2021 - Present

- Instagram Optimization
- Rebranding
- Content Planning
- Content Creation
- Image/Graphic Creation (Canva)
- Scheduling and Uploading Posts
- Community Management

Education and Trainings

Virtual Assistant

  •  FVA Consultancy
  •  Jun 2020 - Jun 2020

Lesson 1 - Virtual Assistance Basics
Lesson 2 - Virtual Assistance Branding Set up
Lesson 3 - Virtual Assistance Applications
Lesson 4 - Virtual Assistance Payment Setup
Lesson 5 - General Virtual Assistance (GVA) Tasks
Lesson 6 - Social Media Basics
Lesson 7 - Social Media Accounts Creation and Optimization
Lesson 8 - Social Media Content Planning and Creation
Lesson 9 - Scheduling and Posting Social Media Content
Lesson 10 - Organic Social Media Marketing
Lesson 11 - Simple Website Creation, Optimization and Management
Lesson 12 - Online Writing and Marketing
Lesson 13 - SEO Basics and Setup
Lesson 14 - SEO On-Page Optimization
Lesson 15 - SEO Off-Page Optimization (Backlinking)
Lesson 16 - Lead Generation
Lesson 17 - Basic Facebook Ads
Lesson 18 - YouTube Optimization
Lesson 19 - Basic Email Marketing
Lesson 20 - Building your Freelancing Empire