Understanding Freelancing Categories and Niches

Understanding freelancing categories and niches is vital. As a newbie in the freelancing industry, how will you know what to offer to clients? Besides, how can you cultivate your skills to stay relevant?

In starting your freelancing career, it is vital to learn the difference between freelancing categories and niches. Additionally, understanding their relevance allows you to master your skills. Above all, focusing on one niche means targeted. So, start and focus on one specific niche, and then grow from there.

But, before that, let us understand the niches and the various freelancing categories. Also, we will learn and then identify what you have right now that you can provide to clients.


Top 8 Freelancing Categories and their Niches

1. Virtual Assistance

Becoming a virtual assistant is an easy way to start a work-from-home career. Moreover, virtual assistance doesn’t require technical skills or a college degree. Thus, even if you’re a mother or a student, you can be a VA.

What are these tasks that Virtual Assistant can perform?

  • Scheduling meetings and events
  • Making phone calls
  • Responding to emails and calls
  • Organizing calendars and files
  • Creating presentations
  • Planning travels
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Data entry tasks


2. Social Media Manager/Social Media Marketing Specialist

The same with a Virtual Assistant, this niche doesn’t require any technical skills. However, if you have some technical skills at hand, it will provide you an advantage.

The following are typical responsibilities of a Social Media Manager or Marketing Specialist:

  • Create and implement a social media strategy for the client
  • Establish social media metrics or KPIs
  • Manage and oversee content for social media
  • Analyze social media campaigns for success

3. Business Management

Project Manager

The demand for project managers is soaring high. Because of this, many freelancers are into this niche. As a project manager, it will be your duty to manage various projects, such as marketing campaigns, mobile applications, software product development, and graphic/web designs.

Other project manager’s tasks are:

  • Plan, budget, staff, and schedule projects from start to finish
  • Provide updates of the regular project’s progress
  • Ensure the project is within budget and scope and meets the deadline

Human Resource Manager

Many businesses are outsourcing to the Philippines. They hire HR managers to handle their recruitment and hiring needs. Starting as an HR manager requires experience. Therefore, having two years of experience in HR Management or Psychology makes you hireable.

Few tasks of an HR Manager are:

  • Develop and implement HR strategies
  • Post jobs, interview and endorse suitable candidates
  • Manage remote HR staff

4. Marketing and Sales

Digital Marketing Strategist

This digital marketing job involves overseeing and improving a company’s online marketing strategy. Likewise, it is the digital marketing nomad’s role to develop strategies and manage campaigns.

This freelancing niche is one of the high-paying jobs. Thus, it is imperative if you have training and or experience.

SEO Manager/ SEO Specialist

The need to boost Google’s traffic of every business is a necessity. As a result, many companies are embracing SEO experts to do the job. Similarly, expert SEOs with other skills like a copywriting can earn more than Php 100K a month.

Few roles of an SEO expert are:

  • Handle on-page, off-page, and technical SEO
  • Run site audits
  • Keyword Research
  • Develop and implement link-building strategies

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real Estate is booming. For that reason, Realtors are looking for ways to stay relevant and competitive in the industry. And one significant action they do is hiring a Real Estate VA to focus on core functions.

What are these tasks that Real Estate Virtual Assistant will do?

  • Social Media Management
  • Data Mining
  • Real Estate Data Entry
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Drafting Email and Letters
  • Respond to emails and chats
  • Database Management and CMA Preparation

Dropshipper/Dropshipping Manager

Dropshipping store owners hire remote workers in the Philippines to help them launch and manage their online businesses. Because of that, home-based dropshippers run their clients’ online stores. In addition, they source products, fulfill orders and handle customer service. Moreover, they work under strict deadlines and daily quotas.

Also, dropshippers can do other tasks like researching and listing products and maintaining clients’ dropshipping stores.

E-Commerce Specialist

Being an e-Commerce specialist means you are responsible for managing the development and maintenance of online stores. Similarly, it is your job to study business analytics and plan and execute strategic initiatives.

Other roles that an e-Commerce Specialist will do are:

  • Monitor the daily performance of an e-commerce site
  • Create and manage product uploads on the website
  • Manage, update, and improve product listings
  • Coordinate advertising promotions



The demand for virtual bookkeepers in the Philippines is also high. Thus, this is also the best freelancing niche that you can start your work-from-home career with.

A few of the responsibilities of a virtual bookkeeper are:

  • Manage bookkeeping, accounts payables, and accounts receivables
  • Handle payroll processing
  • Prepare financial reports or statements


Graphics Designer

If you are a graphic artist, you can earn money online by designing logos, brochures, and other marketing materials used by businesses.

Moreover, a graphic designer will conceptualize and create designs for digital assets.

Video Editor

Some clients hire a newbie online video editor. However, if you want to earn bigger rates, you need to have experience and produce excellent output quickly. In addition, you need to have equipment with advanced specs and a high-speed internet connection.

Other tasks you’ll do are edit vlogs for Youtube or edit product videos for e-commerce sites.

Web Designer

For the business to sustain and scale, one must invest in a website. And creating a website does not only need a developer. But, it also requires a website designer.  At present, web designers are famous and in demand.

A few of the roles of a web designer are to design websites according to company branding policies and update websites to improve user experience.


Customer Service and Support

The Philippines is considered the top business process outsourcing destination. This is why, when you have call center experience, it will be easier for you to get hired in this niche. However, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have experience. You can learn from scratch through video tutorials and by enrolling in online training.

Sample tasks of a customer service specialist are helping customers resolve issues and responding to customers’ queries and complaints.

Writer/Content Editor/Proofreader

One of the in-demand home-based writing jobs is web content and SEO writing. With this niche, even if you are a newbie, you can start a writing career as long as you write well in English.

When you work as a writer/content editor/proofreader, the sample tasks you’ll do are research and write content for blogs, landing pages, and e-commerce sites.


Web Developer

Being a web developer pays high rates, even for beginners. This is because of its high technical skill requirements. A web developer is responsible for maintaining and updating the website and creating sites using standard HTML/CSS practices.


How to Choose your Freelancing Niche

The following are three skills that you can start as a freelancer:

(1) Prior experience

During your education, you have previous experiences like simple graphic or video editing or an article when you were a member of the journalism club. Whatever it is, it is vital to identify those skills, and those are the niches you can start your freelancing career.

(2) Work experience (Offline or online)

These are the experiences that you learned in your past work with a particular project. Or, it can be any recent learned experience where you gained knowledge.

(3) Learning from your training right now

Many newbie freelancers are rocking freelancing. One of the great reasons is they enroll in online training. Surge Freelancing (Virtual Assistance) Course is an excellent course where everybody can enroll and learn everything they need to start a freelancing career.

Now that you have understood the freelancing categories and niches, do you know what niche you will focus on? Don’t worry if you’re not sure and don’t have freelancing skills! Enroll in Surge online courses and equip yourself with the essentials to start your freelancing career.

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