How I Started My Own Freelancing Journey

My own freelancing journey really started from scratch. It was challenging for me when I started my freelancing career. Still, I was determined to pursue freelancing because it is my dream. I want to share it with all of my own freelancing journey challenges to remind you that it’s not easy to shift from an office setup to a home-based setup. Being determined is an essential part of the process.


Steps Toward my Freelancing Journey


1. I started freelancing without money

When Coach Jay and I started freelancing, we didn’t have money. Also, we don’t have savings, and we don’t have a personal computer or even an internet connection. What we had was our passion for reaching our dreams. We started to work in an internet cafe paying 10-15 pesos per hour. We did that for almost two months. It wasn’t easy during my transition because I still work in an office during the day and work online at night. It’s essential to note that there is no such thing as an “overnight success.” A newbie needs extreme determination and perseverance in pursuing a career in freelancing.


2. I started freelancing in the 30s

Some freelancers are successful in their 30s, but I just started my own freelancing journey when I was in my 30s. But, it’s okay. Freelancing is not a matter of age. We have PWDs, housewives, and even high school graduates. And freelancing does not discriminate against a type of people or your academic status. But, it only sees what value you can deliver to your clients.


3. It started when I was a young wife and pregnant mother to twins

I experienced a lot of challenges when I started my own freelancing journey. It was hard for me because I was working at home while taking care of my newborn. Still, I stayed focused because I really wanted to pursue working home-based, and the struggles that I experienced did not make me give up.


4. Many rejections and challenges

Maybe you’re wondering how my newbie time went through. The same with you, I also experienced a lot of challenges and rejections; I got shortlisted and was not hired. Yes, I had a little knowledge of freelancing due to my training at my previous job, but it wasn’t enough. I never knew about SEO, Click funnels, or even social media because it was new at that time. I had to do research a lot because my client would just instruct me to do this. Being resourceful and proactive was my tool in fulfilling my tasks. When you become a successful freelancer, you will not remember who did not hire you or your feelings during the downtime. What will remind you are those rejections and struggles were opportunities in growing your career.


5. Started with minimal skills

As I’ve said, I’m not familiar with tasks, but out of the little that I have, I used it to grow my freelancing career. When I shifted to freelancing, I made up my mind that this is my dream, this is what I want to pursue, so I did not consider giving up. Working home-based gives me the freedom to enjoy life while working. As a result, I decided freelancing is the perfect industry. 

To be competitive, you need to be consistent with your branding, update your portfolio, and send applications. Also, you need to focus on your attitude and skills to be on top of your freelancing career.


6. Embrace self-improvement

Freelancing empowered me to improve by waking up early, managing my emotions when I experience challenges, and handling myself. In freelancing, you need to sacrifice the usual things that are not relevant to your freelancing career to stay focused.


7. Embrace continuous learning

In freelancing, learning should not stop. My everyday routine includes listening to podcasts, reading books, and audiobooks. For your freelancing career to grow, have a deep understanding of continuous learning and learn to embrace it. What’s really important to make you become a successful freelancer is staying focused, staying consistent, and growing. 

These are my secrets in my own freelancing journey. I hope my freelancing story empowers you to never give up on your dreams and make them happen. Now, are you ready to start your own freelancing career? Be part of the Surge Marketplace family, where we assist newbies in nailing their freelancing careers.

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