Hire a Virtual Assistant Via Surge: The First-Ever One-Stop Freelancing Marketplace

Your business might be in a growing phase. However, additional duties are also coming through. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you are thinking of fulfilling all the tasks on your own. But then again, your time is precious. You must focus your time and energy on core tasks. Otherwise, it will endanger the business’ productivity. So, what will you do to routinary duties? Have you been planning to hire a Virtual Assistant to leverage your business?

Many businesses have been considering grabbing Virtual Assistant services since it is cost-effective. And, finding a virtual assistant can be overwhelming since there is a lot in the marketplace. And if you want to be sure, find only one of the best places to hire a virtual assistant in the world. Surge is the first one-stop freelancing marketplace providing holistic services to freelancers, marketers, and business owners like you.


What is Surge

Surge is an FVA Business Consultancy Corporation company. It is the world’s only one-stop freelancing marketplace because it covers everything from online courses to online services and freelancing solutions to worldwide brands and businesses.

Besides, they have been giving hands-on training and supervised experience throughout their apprenticeship programs. Thus, making them provide trained and experienced VAs to benefit brands and businesses. 


What Makes Surge Different

The company embraces a personalized method when it comes to training. This is because they are on a mission of delivering exemplary freelancers. Further, VAs can experience freelancing with the apprenticeship programs for local and international clients. And when they’re finished with the apprenticeship, they’re well-equipped with holistic freelancing expertise.

The Surge means “a sudden powerful forward or upward movement, especially by a crowd or a natural force.” The company’s mission is to see a surge of freelancers worldwide, helping brands and businesses digitally bring a surge of upward and onward success!


Meet Our Team

Surge Digital Agency - Meet Our Team


Surge Virtual Assistant Services 

The Surge Freelancing Marketplace has been helping brands and businesses around the globe remotely for the past six years. In Surge, the virtual assistants are different from what you can see in other freelancing marketplaces because they are trained, experienced, and schooled through Surge’s very own online academy

These are their expertise:



How To Hire a VA via Surge 

If you are new to Surge, it’s simple and easy.

Step#1:Visit Surge through this link: https://surgedigital.agency/.

Step#2: Sign up here: https://surgedigital.agency/authentication/?step=1

Step#3: Hire the fittest virtual assistant to leverage in your business.


Are you excited?


And if you want to discuss more, email us at grace@surgedigital.agency.


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