How Freelancers Earn Money at Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is another freelancing platform similar to UpWork and OnlineJobs.Ph, where freelancers can sign up and earn as freelancers. How to start earning at Freelancer.com? Here are essential tips for you to consider to earn as a freelancer at Freelancer.com.


Tips to Earn as a Freelancer at Freelancer.com


Determine what you’re good at

First, you need to determine what you are good at and ask yourself if you can earn from your skills. Your freelancing journey will be a mix of ups and downs thus, prepare your mindset ahead. Next, you must commit to a life of freelancingleave bad habitsbe optimistic, and sign up for a Freelancer.com account.

The membership upgrades help get more bids per month and a list of skills. In addition, the upgrades will significantly help you earn more as a freelancer.


Set up your Profile

Your profile is vital to your getting hired phase. It is because it will showcase your holistic being as a freelancer. It shows your personality, resume, portfolio, and skills all rolled into one. Another thing is that your profile is an essential tool for persuasion because an employer may entirely base his judgment on how well you present yourself.


Find projects and start bidding

When you have set up your profile, you will be ready to find projects and start bidding. There are hundreds of projects in different categories that are posted each day. So, you need to find the job you want to work on. You can do this by regularly checking the Jobs or Contests page. Also, remember it is normal not to get hired right away. Your first ten attempts may be disappointing, but always be hopeful and never quit. The right time will come. You will get hired and earn as a freelancer.



And, when the perfect time comes, make sure that both you and your employer are aligned in terms of project scope, deadlines, and milestone payments so there will be no issues along the way. This might be the most challenging step, but this is the most rewarding. This is because getting hired is the most fulfilling feeling after all of your hard work.


Get paid and earn five-star feedback

Once you get paid, you can withdraw your money via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, or your nominated local bank account. Also, never underestimate the opportunity of accumulating five-star feedback. The quality feedback you will get from your clients will be a great addition to your portfolio. But, how can you get excellent and quality feedback? Do your work well, meet clients’ expectations, provide outstanding outputs to your clients, and provide your clients with solutions.

Now that you have learned the essential tips, are you ready to be a virtual assistant? Let us know how we can help. Email us at grace@filipinovirtualassistance.com.


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