How To Choose Your Freelancing Niche

The freelancing niche is an essential component in starting your freelancing career. When you do not identify your specific freelancing niche, you will be unsure what to offer to your clients, and eventually, nobody wants to hire you.

To newbies who don’t know where to start, here are suggested freelancing niches that you can start with.

Niches you can start with

1. Skills you have prior experience

Talking about the skills with prior experience is all about the skills you already have during your office work. This can be admin skills, real estate broker skills, accounting or bookkeeping, or any other skills you already practice in a corporate setting. You can use this particular skill as your primary service when you start working in a freelancing setup and develop it later.

2. Skills that you know how to render to clients

Start with the skills you know and the skills you can provide to clients even if you haven’t experience in a corporate setup. You know how to do these skills when you are studying or the skills you self-learned on the internet. Samples of the skills are data entry, online research, PowerPoint presentations, and any other related skills.

3. Skills that you are learning in your training

This is about the skills you learn from the training you are taking, whether it’s Social Media Management, SEO, Email Marketing, or any other skills that you can learn through online courses or any freelancing training.

With these three different skills, you can start your freelancing career and later on re-brand. When you have already identified the specific freelancing niche you love to do and feel at ease when delivering it to your clients, you will focus more on that niche. When you are already adjusted in the freelancing world, from there, you can identify your focus niche and grow as a freelancer.

Niches You Can be Established

4. Skills you can provide quality service

This is the niche that you can provide with good quality and expertise. Also, with these skills, you can go ahead and serve your clients with mastery, and you will accomplish the tasks with full potential and capacity. Samples of skills are graphic designing, video editing, and other similar skills. 

5. Skills that you can be established

The skills that you can establish means your freelancing niche that you are satisfied with doing it, it brings a lot of satisfaction in you, and you love to take challenges while doing it, and you grow out of these challenges. Your creativity shows, and your fulfillment is overwhelming. These skills can be Social Media Management, SEO, Email Marketing, Project Management, and any related skills.

With the five different types of skills, you can start with one specific freelancing niche and later on develop it. Or, you can start from a single freelancing niche and develop that niche into a more competitive freelancing niche.

Can you change your focused niche along the process? How can you decide on the niche that you can be established? Please watch this video!

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