Surge Inspiring Stories: Freelancing Tips To Change Your Life

If earning big is one of your freelancing goals this year. And if you are wondering how are you going to get there. Let me share three inspiring stories that will change your freelancing career and your life as well.

We just started 2021, and we want to make sure that everything is set up well. Especially if you’re processing your goals for this new year, you are into organizing everything. And, if you aim to earn big this year, get ready to thrive!

Surge’s Three Inspiring Stories

1. Dialysis Nurse to Dialysis Patient: Now Earning $5/hr as a Freelancer

Myrna Cecille Nones was a dialysis nurse but is now a dialysis patient. She quit her job last 2017 because of her health problem. Having this illness is difficult. Because of being jobless, Myrna loses hope in life. Last year, she decided to find online jobs, but she never got hired since she knew nothing about it.

As soon as she was about to give up, the Surge ad popped on her Facebook homepage, and she got curious. Because Myrna has been jobless for three years, she won’t have the fund to pay for the training enrollment. This circumstance did not stop her from dreaming. Instead, she asked for assistance from her friends abroad, and immediately they sent her the fund and successfully enrolled in Surge.

Myrna took freelancing and then, later on, the SEO in-depth course. She finished the courses and then started applying. After two months, Myrna got hired with her first client earning $5/hour.

The inspirational story shared by Myra is produced by these tips that she embraces:

  • Make sure to complete the training that you have.
  • Make use of a freelancing network.
  • Build up yourself
  • Be honest with your skills.

Do you feel like giving up?  Check out how Myrna managed to get a client despite the limitations. Click here: https://web.facebook.com/311382845871010/videos/706693063347339.

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2. Maria now Earns $1900 Monthly as a Freelancer.

Maria used to be a real estate agent and was given a chance to become a freelancer. She took the freelancing course to get basic knowledge. Maria’s transition was smooth because her client was a referral by her friend. This is why Maria transitioned to freelancing.

Maria is one of the FVA graduates who earn big, and the freelancing industry has been generous to her. Her client offered her a huge salary right away. Right now, she has two clients earning $1900/ month. One client is based in New York, and the other is based in Florida.

This successful freelancing story was harnessed by these tips that Maria believes:

  • Don’t give up
  • Network with the right people
  • Offer value, showcase everything that you can do.


3. Beatriz” Journey to Working as A REVA

Beatriz is 47 years old and a mother of four children. She worked in a BPO company for 6 ½ years. Due to the pandemic and the waste of time commuting, which is 6 hours., she made specific preparations. Two of the investments she made were laptop and freelancing skills. She enrolled in the Surge freelancing course.

Beatriz got her first client in one of her Facebook groups. She is now working as a REVA. She believes that age doesn’t matter in freelancing as long as you are willing to learn and thrive.

Tips that Beatriz shared are:

  • Be diligent
  • Be proactive/resourceful.
  • Prepare a home freelancing setup.
  • Invest in skills

Challenges are everywhere, even in freelancing. Upon building your freelancing career, challenges, fears, and worries will hinder you from being successful. There are maybe times you feel tired and hopeless. You also feel lazy, and many times, you procrastinate. I want to share with you what Myrna believes. Do not let your illness put you inside the box. If you are loved enough, you can still do many things. There are many things to offer in the freelancing industry. You have to believe and do your best.

These success stories of freelancers that I will share are only a few of the Surge inspiring stories. I hope that you will learn from it. And for those who have doubts about starting freelancing, I hope these successful freelancing stories will motivate you to leap.

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