Marketing Yourself According to your Competencies: Freelancing Guide for First Timer

Successful freelancers don’t simply happen overnight. Often, you need to undergo a series of hardships and challenges to learn marketing yourself effectively. Some have struggled to go to the top. But some have managed to become fully booked and become top-rated freelancers in just months.

There are millions of job offers every single day online. But the common dilemma is how do you market yourself to match those who have already established their names? If you still have a hard time marketing yourself, here is a fresh start on how you can do it.


Effective Tips in Marketing Yourself as a Freelancer

1. Know your Strength

If you are new to freelancing, you have to know your strength. Knowing your strength is like identifying which area you are good at. There are millions of opportunities online, but we cannot just jump into all the job offers without assessing ourselves if we are fit for the position. Aligning yourself with the right tasks can be easy when you are in the “strength zone.”


2. Do What You Are Most Passionate About

Although there are millions of job opportunities offered online, only a few can determine why they do what they do. You can land different jobs, but there is one thing that you are skillful at. And that is where you grow and find more fulfillment. In marketing yourself, you need to develop your niche if you’re passionate about it. Studies have shown that happy people tend to earn higher salaries, and it stands to reason that these high-earners are so glad because they have the jobs they love. (Caramela, 2017)

Landing on the job that you are passionate about develops a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Enjoying your career should be on top of the priority over high salary and flashy titles. Those who love their jobs are likely more motivated and inspired to take on tasks and challenges. It would be easy to take themselves to their utmost potential because it is natural and exciting for them to do it. According to Steve Jobs, “Do what you love and love what you do, and success will follow.” It is easy to accomplish things when you love what you are doing. If it is your passion, you will never find your work as burdensome but an opportunity to develop your inner strength and discover the core of your potential.


3. Master your Craft

Once you have already figured out your strength, hone your skill, for it will become your market value. It is not just enough to know your strengths, but you have to take them to the next level. Mastering the skill is an essential part of freelancing since this is one of the values that you can market.

Enrolling in online training is one of the effective ways to hone your skills and expertise.

John Maxwell, a famous leadership author, and speaker shared some insights on how to sharpen your skill:

  • Gain Experience– Gaining experience will help you build confidence in the industry. You might be a beginner in the field, but every step you take is an avenue for learning.
  • Get Feedback– Getting feedback, whether it is positive or negative, is an opportunity to grow. It allows you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to be even better next time around.
  • Participate in a Small Group Discussion– Sitting with people in a group discussion flesh out great thinking. One can learn from one another. Throwing out ideas with sharp, like-minded individuals usually yields even better thinking.
  • Never Stop learning– Use all kinds of resources to master your craft. It can be by reading a book, listening to motivational speakers, doing something innovative, etc.


4. Develop a Positive Attitude and Set the Right Character

Don’t be confused between attitude and character. They might appear synonymous with each other, but they are different. Attitude is a choice. It determines how someone approaches the situation he is in. On the other hand, a character is more of an identity. It is who you are as a person. Conversely, attitude may become your character if left unchecked.

In the end, regardless of how skillful or knowledgeable, you are in the field, if you have an unbearable character, it will drag you down. As the saying goes, “Your intellect will let you reach the top, but your character will let you stay there.”


5. Be a Person of Value

Marketing yourself is not easy, and you will need the courage to become successful at it. Don’t just do your best, but do your work excellently. In this manner, they will recognize your potential and might hire you for a long-term job opportunity with them. Aside from that, they will give you recommendations that might be of help in establishing your credentials.


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