Getting Paid Higher Through Expertise

Working hard or expertise, which one gets paid higher? 

We have found out that the expert receives more excellent pay than a hard-working person. You may be wondering why this is so. An example scenario is when I went to a salon to get my hair done. Two people are handling my hair. The first one is the expert who checks my hair now and then, and the assistant who does the hard work. Picturing out the situation, the assistant is exerting so much effort. But, she will not be receiving more pay. Why is that so? The assistant may know in that field, but the expert tells her to do this. The assistant is not capable of making the process done effectively. 

On the other side of the story, the expert is knowledgeable and has the skill to make the process effective. The expert’s experience and training made him bring a better output.


2 Tips to become an expert in anything (to be paid higher)

There are two tips on how to become an expert on anything.

1. Doing it consistently

Expertise is achieved by doing the things that you want to master consistently. When you create something consistently, you’ll become an expert on that. 

In doing the tasks or the job, you will learn a technique to improve it repeatedly. Also, during working on those tasks, you will be experiencing struggles. Once these struggles are solved, you’ll learn to work them effectively. 

Creation is the highest form of something. Thus, when you create consistently, you’ll develop the skills to do it.


2. Teaching others how to do it

Another way of mastering what you are doing is by teaching other people. When you teach, you will see a broader picture of the situation. 

Teaching is also a learning phase for everybody, especially those who want to learn and improve. For whatever field of career, you’re in. When you’re an expert, you will receive more. 

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