Social Media Trends in 2022

Social media trends are one of the most focused areas in every business. This is because social media plays a vital role in growing your business. What are the latest social media trends? How can your business keep up with social media trends?

The surge of many social media users draws attention to many business owners. That is why, as much as possible, business owners strategically promote their business on the right platform. How can they do that? Through identifying where your target customers are dwelling. Also, the right platform is the perfect avenue to build a relationship with your customers.

In addition, you can better connect with your customers through social media. As a result, your business can provide value to your customers. Hence, studying and learning the upcoming social media trends is essential to help your brands succeed in this digital age.

Below are the top 9 social media trends that every business must watch. Additionally, investing in these trends provides your business with limitless opportunities.


Top 9 Social Media Trends in 2022

1. Innovative Content Marketing Fueled by TikTok

Aside from entertainment, many businesses are using TikTok for marketing. This app has established itself as a cultural phenomenon on social media, and it will continue to dominate short-form video in the future. Also, TikTok is the world’s most downloaded mobile app. 

So, it is best to use TikTok videos to promote your business. That is because Tiktok enables brands to:

  • Promote your brand
  • Engage a new audience
  • Demonstrate your brand voice


2. The growth of online shopping will persist

Consumers are now using social media for shopping. Before the pandemic, consumers used social media to discover new products or brands. This is the main reason why social commerce opened vast opportunities for the most innovative companies. As a result, many social networks provide in-app shopping solutions and live video streaming in response to rising demand. 

Among the popular platforms for shopping are Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Also, YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitter are taking the lead.

On top of that, the marketing potential of social media extends beyond promoting brands to generating passive income. 


3. Hiring Social media managers

Considering social media is getting bigger and bigger. Another social media trend your business must invest in is hiring a social media manager. Often, large companies neglect social media. As a result, they lose revenue-generating opportunities. 

When you hire a social media manager, they will be your brand’s public face and spokesperson. Also, with the social media manager’s expertise, you can build and engage your online community. This way, your audiences are eager to engage with your brand. 

4. Intensified investments in Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram will continue to grow in 2022 as more marketers will use both for marketing. Many marketers experience a continuous increase in their ROI. Thus, you need to increase your investments to maximize the value of the platforms already serving your audiences. For instance, you have generated great ROI from Twitter. Focusing on that platform is an excellent strategy.

5. Paid advertising

Social media has been trending for several years now. One of the powerful abilities is through paid advertising. Paid advertising takes your social marketing strategy to other networks where it’s still possible to make something viral without spending much money.

PPC ads (pay-per-click) are referred to as pay-per-click ads. PPC ads include Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other online platforms.

In contrast, organic social media content can build brand awareness, inspire audience engagement, and attract potential customers. The secret is to know what platform your target audiences hang out on.


6. Reaching out to new potential customers on social media

During the pandemic, consumers were forced to shift to online-first purchasing. As a result, businesses use social media to gain and reach more audiences.

Brands plan to use social platforms to build loyalty with existing customers, attract new ones, and strengthen relationships by 2022. Consistent social media posting and quality content will be essential. In addition, engaging with your audience using interactive elements is also a trend.

7. Instagram reels

Video is now an essential element of your marketing strategy. So, include video content in your digital marketing strategies.

However, hitting a record and throwing up a video is not enough. Entertaining video content appeals to more users. Thus, to stand out in this digital marketing landscape, you must be creative, innovative, and entertaining.

Another tip about creating video content is the duration of it. Since most audiences’ attention span has become increasingly short, you need to produce quick, new, and entertaining content.

8. Facebook builds effective ads

The marketing industry has taken notice of Facebook advertising because of the most extensive user base on the internet. Due to its massive user base, Facebook advertising has yielded fruitful results for all digital marketers.

Facebook Ads are currently the most powerful platform for advertising. It increases brand awareness, and the effect builds over time. And by using this social media trend, you can create targeted ads. These targeted ads are based on consumers’ age, gender, location, interests, occupation, and income.

As for organic reach, Facebook advertising can effectively promote your brand, gain new customers, and increase sales.

9. Outsourcing engagement to the creator

The creator economy has existed for about a decade. However, it boomed during the pandemic as people sought to diversify their income due to unemployment. People are now monetizing their hobbies, creating second income streams, or finding freelance work through social media.

As a result, the term “Creator” has gained popularity. It includes freelance and professional content creators who create content for social media as part of their entrepreneurship. The social networks are responding to this boom by adding many new native monetization tools, such as:

  • TikTok’s Creator Marketplace
  • Instagram’s Branded Content Ads
  • Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager

The said tools aim to get content creators paid to add value to your brands and users on their chosen platforms.

These nine social media trends are essential for your business’s success. As a business owner, always watch out for social media trends and utilize them in your marketing strategies. Why? This is because social media plays a vital role in your business’s success.

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