The Story of a Persistent Freelancer

Written for FVA by Alfredo Baguio (Administrative Assistant, FVA Batch 9)

The Curiosity That Ignites To Become A Freelancer

I have heard many stories, reviews, and testimonies on how Freelancing transforms lives and makes them successful as a professional. As an Administrative Staff who works in an office 8 hours/day, I was curious about how Freelancing works and how to begin. Until one day, one of my friends told me that she went into a short but extensive Freelancing course. She said that the course offers step-by-step lessons on how to become a successful Freelancer. She then introduced me to the person who, in a way, changed my life. I was introduced to Ms. Julmar Grace Locsin, who then offered me the courses available for me to become a successful Freelancer.

Challenges Encountered By The Freelancer

After finishing my extensive training, the first challenge that comes my way is to get my first client. It is difficult for a client to trust and expect a newbie to deliver the task. Proving your worth is necessary. Indeed, the struggle was real. The next challenge that I encountered in my Freelancing career was having my UpWork profile application rejected. It was a frustrating and, at the same time, discouraging phase of my Freelancing career. Fortunately, Ma’am Grace shared tips on increasing my chance to get my UpWork profile to be approved. It gave me a glimpse of hope. However, after doing some tweaking on my profile, I was still rejected.

After which, create profiles on other Freelancing platforms just to move on from the UpWork disappointment and have that first client still to no avail. I’m on the verge of giving up my dream of becoming a Freelancer and thought of just returning to my daily 8- hour job office. But, having this superb family around you that encourages, share thoughts, and helps one another motivates me to continue and never to give up.

The Process That The Freelancer Faced

Becoming a freelancer is not easy. You get rejected and discouraged a lot of times. You get frustrated and downcast. But cheer up! It won’t last long. I realized that you just have to stick to your plan. Giving up is never an option. You have to remember the things that you have learned and apply them. You have to give your best shot in everything that you do. In time, someone out there will recognize your work and your worth.

Also, having a great coach who never gives up on you, gives you a chance to grow, and guides you all the way motivates me to pursue this Freelancing career.

The road to success is always under construction. Build yourself up until the good becomes better and the better becomes best. There may be more challenges ahead during the process, but I know that I’m not giving up. I can’t wait to share my first client story, inspire Freelancers and become a blessing to others. 


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