How to Understand your Target Market as a Freelancer

The Freelancing industry is now emerging nowadays. This is the future work right now. More companies are executing new initiatives and strategies to adapt to the current situation. As a result, more opportunity is waving to everybody. But, the real question is, how and where to find clients? The answer is to know and understand your target market or clients.

Being a freelancer may sound difficult because you feel like fishing in the ocean. So, before entering the industry, you need to have the skills and patience in everything you do. The freelancing industry is vast, yet freelancing success will be yours if you have what it takes to thrive.


How to Identify your Target Market?


1. Define your target market


"If you cannot define them, you cannot find them."

This quote reminds you to identify your target market or clients to get hired. And to find your target market, you must identify them based on various factors. These factors can be their location, country, age, business, values, etc.

Strategies to find your Target Market

First, put yourself in your client’s shoes and begin asking the following questions:

  • What are the services that your target client needs? 
  • What are the goals that your target client has? 
  • Would your clients pay you for the services you will provide?
  • Which services or solutions could you provide to your clients?

You must keep in mind these valuable questions. Afterward, you will know what things you need to improve to be hired during your applications.

Suppose your experience was in IT, finances, and e-commerce sales. Look for clients in those fields that will benefit from your work experience and expertise. The more focused you are on your target clients, the more chances of landing a job.


2. Find a client who shares the same values as you

Pick the right person who will benefit from your services. You need to know who they are, what they are, and where they are. Look for clients you are excited to work with. Working with the client, you like to work with motivates you to provide excellent outputs.

Often, newbies do client hunting on social media sites and offer their freelancing services to their target clients in a month for free. Or, they will charge at a lower rate. They do this not only for additional experience and portfolio purposes. But, to satisfy the client and make them switch to a regular paying client.


3. Study your competitors

Competition is enormous, but you can compete efficiently if you can study their strengths and weaknesses. Do some research on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Visit their profiles and see their portfolio. Learn from them and then focus on their weaknesses and strategize. That way, you’ll be able to provide solutions that your competitors can’t.

In addition, study your target market’s needs and desires as you analyze their problems and determine how to solve them.


Tips to Understand your Target Market as a Freelancer

Although you already have the skills, attitude, and equipment needed in your freelancing career, it is vital to identify your target market as a freelancer. This is because identifying your target market or client is imperative to your freelancing success.

Consider various factors you need to understand your target market. To define your target market effectively, you need to research, analyze, and then find them in the right place. Right place means freelancing websites, social media sites, or any place clients dwell.

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