5 Video Creation Platforms Every Freelancer Should Know in 2020

Video creation platforms help make content perceivable. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will need a video creation platform to help you create a great video. Each platform is unique. That’s why you need to consider its features to know the right platform to use.

Great editing may not solely determine a great video. But, it is capable of making a mediocre video turn into an interesting one. In addition, video creation and editing platforms are getting more sophisticated and progressing fast to meet this need. Some are great in terms of features and capabilities. At the same time, some have features that are also good for beginners. 

Below are five of the very best video creation platforms that every freelancer must know in 2020.


5 Video Creation Platforms Every Freelancer Should Know in 2020


1. OFFEOOffeo 

This fantastic video tool is a design-driven online video platform emphasizing short videos meant to grab viewers’ attention in a limited amount of time. Its target is small businesses and marketing agencies. As a general-purpose video creation platform, it has easy and unique customization. 

These platforms are powerful because they are loaded with customizable features to make your videos stand out, from logos and fonts to highly flexible elements and colors. Branding is easier here. This is quite an impressive set of features at a moment when everyone’s trying to stand out from the crowd. A quick tip, be sure to try out their free outro maker!


2. Adobe Spark

One of the more popular video creation platforms is Adobe Spark which is notable for many things. But the most important has to be the quality graphics the platform offers. It is also relatively easy to get familiar with because of the slight learning curve that you will find. 

Also, it has a wide array of fonts, images, and, most importantly, ready-made templates and layouts that you can tweak to match your taste. Thanks to its presence on the Adobe platform, it is also possible to integrate easily with other Adobe platforms and applications like Adobe creative cloud, Lightroom CC, and even third-party applications like Dropbox and Google Docs. The Adobe Spark Platform also offers a good amount of tips and information. These data will come in handy for those who aren’t too familiar with video content creation and even for experts who have been at it a while.


3. Kapwing

Kapwing is right up there with the best of the best in the video content creation world regarding smoothness and ease of use. Not only is it easy to learn and become familiar with, but it also offers clean and straightforward tips on how to make the most of the platform without any hassle. 

In addition, Kapwing has many free features. This value-for-money attribute is one of the factors that got the platform going in the first place, and the company doesn’t seem like abandoning this strategy anytime soon. There are also a good number of exciting features. At the top of which would be its super accurate auto-subtitle that lets you get subtitling done in a quarter of the time. Kapwing is not without shortcomings, though. For example, sometimes you don’t know whether the processing is going on in the background, which may lead to a few seconds lag. But all in all, this is a platform with a remarkable value that is definitely worth giving a chance.


4. Panzoid

Like most of the entries on our list, Panzoid can be employed for both personal and commercial use. Also, its pricing plan makes both of these convenient. One of the best highlights of the platform is its intro maker. You have a host of professional intro options that are smooth and attractive, and available for free without a watermark. And just like the entry above, Panzoid is one of the best free video content platforms out there today. Its other unique features are its 3D scenery manipulator and frame compositing.


5. EZGif

EZGif is a pretty simple website for converting videos into GIF format easily. You can also edit GIF images, crop, reverse, resize, or add texts and sound effects to them. Without a doubt, the most impressive aspect of EZGif is the simplicity of the whole platform. It does what you need and does it seamlessly and effectively.

On top of that, it is an all-free tool. Thanks to the fact that animated gifs are all the rage these days on social media platforms and messaging apps, it is a platform that comes in handy. Author Bio John leads the growth team at OFFEO and is highly passionate about everything digital. He has in-depth knowledge of SEO, Facebook advertising, and content marketing and enjoys helping other marketers succeed. Get started with OFFEO today! 🙂 


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