Top 10 Virtual Assistant Attitudes to Look for During the Hiring Process

There is no doubt that virtual assistants play a vital role in every business’s growth. However, the same with the usual office employees, every virtual assistant is different. There are maybe VAs who excel in skills, but not with personality. On the other hand, there are great with work ethics but lack enough skills. For more efficiency and productivity, Virtual Assistant attitudes must work together with solid expertise.

Since you embrace VA for more productivity, you don’t want to worry about someone who becomes a liability to your business. So, in every hiring process, checking on the qualities of every applicant is essential. Here are the top ten virtual assistant attitudes that you will emphasize during the interview.

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Top Ten Virtual Assistant Attitudes 

1. Reliable

As soon as the VA onboards, you trust the VA to work on his/her deliverable outputs. Next is when you embrace virtual assistants in your business, you are relying on the opportunity of delegating tasks to the most responsible and reliable worker on the planet.

This is one of the essential virtual assistant attitudes that business owners must check during the interview. When a VA is reliable, you don’t need to follow up on deliverables. Instead, the VA is committed and responsible enough to do his/her duties.

2. Communicates well.

Effective communication is vital to every working relationship. One of your expectations is that the VA will update you regarding some changes or progress from time to time. Since there are many communication platforms out there, the VA can conveniently reach out to you.

On the contrary, poor communication skills will result in poor outputs. And these poor outputs will cost much time for re-work, money, and even risk your business relationship with your clients or customers.

Especially when it comes to problems that the VA might encounter, it is essential to instantly make you aware of the problem. This negligence may look like a minor issue. Yet, it might endanger your business the moment you found about it.

3. Proactive and Resourceful

One key quality of an excellent VA is to be resourceful. Yes, nobody is indeed perfect. Yet when it comes to your client or customer’s requests, having a VA who is proactive enough is beyond incredible.

For instance, while the VA is working, some things might come along that may arise out of the VA’s expertise. And since the VA is proactive and resourceful, he/she will not worry. Instead, the VA will do “DIY” or make use of the resources on the internet. Above all, great VAs are professional problem-solvers.

4. Trustworthy and honest

As you onboard a VA to your team, you trust the VA enough to help your business thrive. When it comes to data privacy, it is vital to mention how honesty is essential to the VA.

Since they will have access to your valuable data, you must protect your data from getting stolen, shared, or being sold.

And one thing to do is to include NDA’s and NSA’s or Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Solicitation Agreements.

5. Be able to Multitask

Efficiency is one of the great qualities of a Virtual Assistant. Suppose you are expecting the VA to deliver multiple outputs with excellent quality. It takes an exceptional VA who can multitask to meet your expectations.

Since embracing remote workers is an excellent helping hand, a VA who can multitask will significantly revolutionize your business.

6. Work well under pressure

The critical element for a VA to deliver effectively is being able to work under pressure. With the massive tasks that the VA will fulfil, the VA must be always calm even if there are pressure and struggles. Still, the VA can deliver beyond the business owner’s expectations.

7. Adds value

Some VAs will often wait to be given work, and they aren’t proactive in doing work for themselves. And you don’t want that VA to be working with you.

An excellent VA will provide value in every output he/ she produces. The VA is not only delivering tasks for the sake of requirement. Instead, the VA willingly took the extra mile to produce outputs that will thrive your business.

VAs who provide value are those who have aligned vision, values, and goals with you.

8. Passion

No one is productive and effective if no one is putting a heart into their work. This means that those who are working for money only will never provide value. Instead, VAs will only deliver at the minimum of their expertise for the sake of compliance.

On the other hand, passionate VAs are great if you can have them on your team. With VAs love their work, indeed they will produce excellent outputs. They are more willing to give their best and see that they help your business achieve your goals.

During the interview, you can ask the VA what is he/she passionate about. There, you will determine whether you have the same vision. On top of that, when business owners and VA share common values, vision, and goals, it will strengthen the effectiveness of their working relationship.

9. Attention to detail

Being keen is vital as you don’t want to waste time and money on re-work. Having a VA who is keen on details will lessen the chance of mistakes that may cost your business a lot.

To know whether the VA has this quality, you can provide a written test. The goal of the test will identify whether the VA is keen on details or not.

10. Excellent time management skills

Usually, VAs work with multiple clients, and powerful time management skills will impact VA’s productivity. Just like successful and most influential people in the world. They have a daily routine where they stick to it – which makes them highly effective people.

Now that you have learned the top 10 attitudes that you must look for in every virtual assistant, are you ready?

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