5 Effective Tips To Create an Excellent Virtual Assistant Contract

Are you ready to onboard a virtual assistant to your team? Getting your VA to join your team can be an overwhelming feeling. However, before you do that, it is vital to prepare first a checklist. And this checklist should not miss to include a virtual assistant contract.

What is a Virtual Assistant Contract?

A virtual assistant contract is a written legal agreement between the client and the VA. This document should clearly emphasize terms like the client’s expectation toward the VA’s services and the total number of hours expected from the VA to work. Furthermore, it should clearly state the grounds of termination and the payment rate and method to be used.

Importance of a Virtual Assistant Contract to your Business

A virtual assistant contract legally binds the relationship between the client and the VA. It makes expectations clear about both parties and protects both when a disagreement arises.

Here are the top three grounds in terms of providing an effective virtual assistant contract:

1 . A virtual assistant contract helps resolve disputes

A mutual understanding between the client’s expectations and the VA’s services is vital in attaining business growth. When the VA clearly understands the expected deliverable, it enables ownership of the responsibilities. Thus, allowing more efficient and productive outputs.

If ever there’s a conflict that might pop up along the way. The VA contract will guide both the client and VA in resolving any disagreements.

2 . A virtual assistant contract protects your reputation

Embracing a virtual assistant enables your business to scale up. You ensure the VA’s output will not negatively impact your business’ reputation through a written agreement.

But, how can a contract make sure of it? An excellent agreement with a virtual assistant educates the VA about the business’s information confidentiality. It makes them aware of the things they’re not supposed to do, the information that they are allowed to share, and the level of their involvement in the business.

Above all, when you fire a VA, it will prevent the VA from approaching your competitors to share your confidential data.

3 . A virtual Assistant contract provides protection 

A VA contract ensures that something unexpected happens to you and your Va’s working relationship. Or supposing the VA is not delivering what is expected. You have a written agreement and signed proof that will cover all of these possible causes of action.


What Should be on a Virtual Assistant Contract

Here are five must-haves before creating a virtual assistant contract.

1. Description of Services

Virtual Assistant Contract Tips - Description of Services

Ensuring that the virtual assistant understands why your business needs remote services is vital. To do that, you must enumerate your business needs where the VA can help you with. These includes:

  • The assistance need to provide by the VA ( daily, weekly and monthly basis)
  • Number of required working hours (40Hours/week or 100Hours/month)
  • Scope of work (Limited to one task or multiple tasks)

Besides, be specific in terms of Key Performance Indicators. These KPIs will guide you in measuring the performance of your virtual assistant.

2. The Payment Terms

Virtual Assistant Contract Tips - The Payment Terms

There are two ways to charge a VA. Either per hourly rate or project, it depends on your business capability.

As the VA provides services for your business, in return, it is your task to pay the agreed payment terms. In the VA contract, be sure to state the following specifications such as:

  • Rate of payment
  • Payment Method (Per Hour or Fixed- Rate)
  • The Payment Timeline (Weekly, Monthly, or per project)
  • Payment Platform to use ( PayPal, Credit Card, Cash, Check, and much more.)
  • Invoice (If you need an invoice before paying)

By stating these factors beforehand, you are ensuring that there will be no conflict in the future about this matter.

3. Termination Clauses

Virtual Assistant Contract Tips - Termination Causes

Educating your VA about termination grounds empowers you to understand what expectations are set before the job’s onset.

Highlighting this clause in the contract prevents the VA from manifesting conflict since it is well- explained in the agreement.

On top of that, essential factors to include in the termination clause will consist of:

  •  Notice period
  • Handle pending payments (if a dispute arises).

4. Non-disclosure & Non-solicitation Clauses

VA Contract Tips - Non-disclosure and Non-solicitation Clauses

Your virtual assistant contract is obligatory to cover non-disclosure and non-solicitation clauses. This is because these clauses will prohibit your VA from using your valuable data and information for personal advantage.

Due to the liability of exposing your business while you provide data access to your VA, these clauses will hinder the VA from using your business data for competitors, new employment, or the VA’s own business.

5. Other Clauses

VA Contract Tips - Other Clauses

Other clauses that are important to include in the contract with your VA are:

  • Schedule Explanation

It depends on how urgently you need VA services when it comes to the schedule. All the same, in terms of the off-work like on Legal Holidays. It is vital to state which holidays the VA should follow.

  • Relationship Agreement

Since a virtual assistant is an independent contractor, this implies that you are not liable to pay for benefits or any leave credits. However, if you feel that you oblige because of your VA’s excellence, then it’s up to you.

A virtual assistant contract provides benefits to both the client and the VA. It will help you manage expectations while guiding the VA in meeting the expectations you set beforehand. These five elements are vital since they allow the VA to understand these factors clearly.

Now, are you ready to create a contract for your VA? Please tell us how we can help. To learn other valuable tips about embracing a virtual assistant, check our blogs here: https://surgedigital.agency/blogs/.

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