Virtual Assistant Hiring Checklist That Every Business Should Prepare Before the Interview

When a business grows, it gains both positive and negative effects. Growth means the business is thriving, and it also signifies additional expense since the business needs another player. Embracing a Virtual Assistant is one of the fittest approaches because they are cost-effective. A VA  enables business owners to access a pool of expertise that does not require spending an immense amount. How to onboard a Virtual Assistant? First, there is a necessity to prepare a Virtual Assistant hiring checklist. This will allow examining whether the VA matches the role or not.

Top 3 Considerations in the Virtual Assistant Hiring Checklist

1. Qualification

Before examining every potential VA’s skills that your business is about to hire, checking on their qualification is highly imperative. These qualifications are influential to the VA’s productivity. Thus, perceiving their characteristics will empower business owners to determine whether they can meet your business needs or not.

These qualifications are:

Honesty and Reliability 

Honesty is vital in any field. In every business, there are sensitive information and data. That’s why business owners must check if the VA is reliable and honest. It would be best if you ask questions to test the honesty of the hiree. Business owners should also emphasize the importance of openness toward the VA’s role to be more effective.

Attention to detail

Having a VA who has attention to detail allows the business to save time and money. This is because your business has a VA who takes an extra mile to check on more information and ensure that all the data are sorted outright. You don’t have to go back and re-check.

Works quickly 

One of the great qualities of a VA is working quickly. Having this trait will make a smooth flow in the operation of the business. At the same time, the VA will meet deadlines and produce excellent outputs.

Handles challenges well and resourcefulness 

Problems are inevitable, so being resourceful enables overcoming obstacles through innovations and creativity. Also, a creative VA is excellent at handling challenges and solving them utilizing the tools and platforms available.

Ability to multitask 

When a business is expanding, tasks are also increasing. Thus, embracing a VA with multitasking quality enables varied tasks complied with one person. This way, business owners can maximize the VA’s potential while flourishing the business. Plus, business owners don’t need to hire another employee for other tasks, which saves money.


A VA must be trustworthy because they are part of your team. The VA’s output will impact the business holistically because they represent the business. And if there are errors that are taken for granted, it will harm the business.

Excellent time management skills 

Having excellent time management skills allows the VA to be more effective and efficient with multiple tasks. The VA needs to meet expected deliverables and deliver quality output.

2. Skills and Experience

Another essential note to check is the skills and experience of the VA. These are vital since they reflect how the VA will deliver the tasks at maximum productivity. Also, these will determine how business owners expect the VA to thrive toward the diverse functions. Usually, when the jobs are more complicated, it is essential to emphasize the VA’s skills and expertise. Having experts in the business team means less training, less budget, and more efficient results.

3. Alignment

Some consider it with the alignment perspective when a VA sends a cover letter, while others do the opposite. A VA aligning its business pain points approach indicates how the VA can provide value.

When business leaders are shortlisting, it is vital to see if the VA’s skills, training, and experience align with the business need. Otherwise, the hired VA will not be beneficial after all.

A simple example is when business owners need to boost their online presence. They will spot on the VA’s skills, education, training, and experience related to social media marketing and management. This is because the abilities of the VA should deliver solutions to the business pain points and needs.

Now that you are ready with your virtual assistant hiring checklist, are you prepared to embrace virtual assistants to leverage your business’s maximum potential? Visit Surge now!

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