What is a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistance is one of the fastest-growing remote careers, and many saw the great benefits it provides to them. One of the reasons why many transitioned to become virtual professionals is the long hours of travel going to work. Many realize they’ve lost time for themselves, only chasing time, and might feel closer to a robot than anything.

Well, if you’re the type of person who can’t stand this type of routine– there is an excellent opportunity for you!

You might have heard of the term, especially the past two years. The Surge of demand for work from home workers has caused this. This is due to the realization of businesses how vital the remote workers are to their business. But, do you have what it takes to become one?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed individual providing professional, administrative, technical, or creative assistance from a remote location– usually a home office. The virtual assistant duties can vary from client to client, ranging from bookkeeping to clerical to social media posting. Some might even schedule appointments, arrange travels, store files online, and enter data.

Tasks that a Virtual Assistant Do

As a virtual professional, your role is to essentially help businesses function from a remote location. It’s a service that business owners value, especially newer ones when looking for an essential service but at a more practical rate. A more detailed list of virtual assistant tasks are the following:

  • Organization and maintenance of contact lists, spreadsheets, and calendars 
  • Transcription 
  • Correspondence 
  • Bookkeeping such as billing and accounting 
  • Sending emails and newsletters 
  • Responding to client inquiries 
  • Graphic design 
  • Blog writing 
  • Social Media and Marketing Services

Various VA Tasks

These tasks require a lot of attention to detail, communication, and skill. However, there are all also tasks that only need an internet connection to achieve.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

The number one requirement in starting a virtual career is a work-from-home setup. This setup includes a laptop or a computer and an internet connection. You can begin your virtual career with these two and then grow from there.

Next is to identify the skills you can offer as services to clients. But, how about if you are new to this type of career? There are many ways to learn, such as watching tutorials, listening to podcasts, and most especially enrolling in an online course.

The third step is to know where to find clients. There are diverse ways to find clients, and you can find them on platforms like:

There is no overnight success with a virtual assistance career. Yes, this career will provide you with many benefits like financial freedom. But, you need to work hard and always provide value to your clients.

Perhaps you are unsure if virtual assistance is for you. Although you may not be aware of it, virtual assistance is for everyone! And if you need guidance and want to experience a thriving virtual assistance career, get trained with Surge, where we provide end-to-end virtual assistance solutions. We recommend the Freelancing (Virtual Assistance) Course to newbies. Enroll now, and visit here: https://academy.surgedigital.agency/courses to get started.


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