Why Branding is Important for your Small Business

There is a misconception in terms of the importance of branding. While many believe that branding is only for well-established companies, many are unsure if it really helps their business. Are you a small business owner who stands that you don’t need branding to grow your business? If you believe in this, then you’re wrong.

What is Branding

Your business brand is your competitive edge over your competitors. Although you need a logo and fonts and colors for your branding, it should not stop from there. This is because a business brand is a total impact and value you provide to your customers. From customer experience, tone of voice you use, designs up to customer service, these create your holistic branding strategies.

Branding Tips


Why Branding is Important for Every Business

Accenture report shows that 66% of consumers buy from companies with brand culture and transparency. This is why branding plays a vital role in your marketing strategies. In addition, your branding guides your whole marketing efforts. For example, when Nike consumers hear its tagline, “Just do it!” They are not only reminded of the nice shoes. However, the brand reminds consumers of the overall experience they have from pre-to-post-purchase.

Seven Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Brand

Consider these seven reasons to invest in your brand. Let’s look at benefits and understand why your business needs to pay attention to them.

1. Branding enhances recognition

The number one purpose of branding is you create it to get recognition from your target customers. You want to be recognized that your business exists and you provide value to your customers/clients. A logo helps your brand be recognized. So, create a logo that is nice, catchy, and relevant to your business. Also, consumers often purchase from recognized companies so, establish your brand well to gain more customers.

2. Your brand helps you stand out from the competition

As I’ve said, your branding is your competitive edge over your competitors. In addition, it puts your business apart from the competition. And the moment consumers hear about your branding; they remember your business through the unique value proposition you provide.

3. Your brand tells people about your company’s DNA

From the stiff competition, how your business differs from others? Your branding will educate the market about the holistic DNA of your business. From visuals like logo and branding colors, customer experience and services, and tone of voice used in marketing. These are just a few things that enable the market to understand your business and its relevance to them.

4. A strong brand generates referrals

It is imperative to meet the promise you have said to your customers. Because doing so allows you to generate referrals. How? By meeting the promised excellent customer experience to your customers, you are gaining their trust. And when customers trust your business, they are at ease in referring your company to other people. This is because they’re confident that you can help or provide excellent products or services to their friends or family.

According to Forbes, 75% of shoppers buy products and services from brands they know. As a result, establishing a strong branding enables you to generate more customers.

5. Your brand helps you create clarity and stay focused

Suppose your branding is consistent and easy to recognize. In that case, it can help people feel more at ease purchasing your products or services. This is because consistent branding enables customers to identify your business from the crowd.

Similarly, creating a clear brand strategy makes you focused on your mission and vision as an organization. On top of that, your branding will guide your marketing efforts effectively.

6. Your brand helps you connect with your customers emotionally

Emotional branding is forming a relationship between a consumer and a brand or product through emotions. And for you to do this, you create content that appeals to your consumers’ emotions, egos, needs, and aspirations. As a result, you establish how customers make purchase decisions and become long-time fans of your brand.

7. Your brand provides motivation and direction for your staff

Your company can also benefit from branding. By establishing a strong brand, your employees will feel connected and love working with your business. In addition, employees who feel that they’re part of a team are motivated to commit to achieving your business goals. Thus, you’ll be expecting positive outputs from your team members.

Do you feel ready to invest in your brand now that you have learned the benefits of branding for small businesses? Need help with branding strategies? Surge is here to help you. Hire our VAs or Brand Strategigist and Specialists and leverage them to your business.

And if you’re new to outsourcing, send us an email through grace@surgedigitalagency.com and allow us to assist and help you achieve your business goals.




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